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Tales from the Floating Vagabond: The Reich Stuff

The Reich Stuff

OK, in this adventure the usual unruly assembly at that well-known watering hole, the Floating Vagabond, are distracted from such entertainments as 301 down with dart-guns (tranquilser darts provided) and shooting the tax collector by the arrival of a photojournalist hotly pursued by a bunch of Nazi soldiers. Naturally, things go downhill from there...

From this auspicious start, the characters are swept through Peruvian jungles, New York, Austria, Paris, a Pacific Island, Berlin and into orbit. Throughout, they are surrounded by a mix of cliché and plain zany characters, ranging from unauthenic Peruvian natives, passing archaeologists (complete with fedora and bullwhip of course), Mob hitsquads carrying violin cases, ticking baskets of fruit, plush piranhas (and the hungry sort as well), squads of New York's finest and many, many more.

It's all fast and furious, with loads of stuff going on, never a dull moment and few sane ones. If you can imagne it happening, it probably will... and given the nature of the game, it's easy to slip in any extra weird references meaningful to your particular group of players.

This is the sort of adventure best played with a group of close friends, possibly with some alcoholic assistance... or with people you never met before and will be too embarrassed to meet again afterwards! It is great fun and would make excellent light relief either from a serious campaign or a hard week at work/exam finals or whatever makes life tough at times.

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Reviewed: 8 November 2009