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Blackdirge Publishing Product List

Blackdirge Publishing

Animal Archives

  • BDPAAPA01: Prehistoric Animals I
  • BDPAADF01: DinoFiles I - Raptor Pack
  • BDPAADF02: DinoFiles II - Theropods
  • BDPAAPA02: Prehistoric Animals II
  • BDPAASA: Animal Archives Sampler
  • BDPAAPA03: Prehistoric Animals III

Critter Cache

  • GMGBD0001: Big Bugs
  • BDPCC02: Prehistoric Beasts
  • BDPCC03: Animals & Beasts


  • BDPMA01: Arbalestier
  • BDPMA02: Shatterskull Adept
  • BDPMA03: Peltast
  • BDPMA04: Hoplite
  • BDPMA05: Halberdier

None So Vile

  • BDPNSV01: Disciples of Darkness I: Ravenous of Agramogg
  • BDPNSV02: Disciples of Darkness II: Soul Harvester
  • BDPNSV03: Disciples of Darkness III: Tortured Savant
  • BDPNSV04: Disciples of Darkness IV: Doomsayer

Paths to Prestige

Company Product list last updated: 19 September 2009