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Blackdirge Publishing

Blackdirge Publishing

Complete Product List

Blackdirge Publishing - in reality, Aeryn 'Blackdirge' Rudel - offers an array of fascinating material for use with Dungeons & Dragons, both 3e and 4e. Much of Aeryn's work is published in collaboration with Goodman Games.

  • Animal Archives - prehistoric monsters brought to life for Dungeons & Dragons 3e
  • Critter Cache - assortment of monsters for Dungeons & Dragons 4e
  • Master-At-Arms - prestige classes for Dungeons & Dragons 3e fighters
  • None So Vile - some rather unpleasant folks for your Dungeons & Dragons 3e games
  • Paths to Prestige - for Dungeons & Dragons 4e

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Company Section last updated: 19 September 2009