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Armageddon: The End Times

Armageddon: The End Times

War, disaster and epic struggles are the source of many powerful tales. Conflict and overcoming adversity are basic elements of life, and we sometimes want to see those elements magnified in our tales.

Armageddon, originally published by Myrmidon Press in 1997, with a second edition from Eden Studios in 2003, is one of those tales, a game where warriors meet to decide the fate of humankind. It is a time of heroic deeds, but also a time of doubt and fear, where every belief and certainty is challenged.

Angels and demons walk the Earth, but their apocalyptic struggle has been somehow pre-empted by another, more fundamental conflict. Ancient foes must bury their grudges and join forces, and even work together with humans-the sinful, apparently weak and powerless humans who are the key to victory. As the world is wracked by war, humans and supernatural beings must fight for their very existence.

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Setting Page last updated: 25 May 2019