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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: The Great City - Hope Park

The Great City: Hope Park

It's strange, but normal city amenities like public parks are often omitted from fantasy maps. Here's an attempt to rectify the lack, with a well-detailed open space in the middle of the Great City (or indeed, within any largish township where it might suit you to locate it).

The product consists of an 'overview' map of the complete park and surrounding buildings and streets, and four larger maps that you can print out and stick together. As usual, all are available in either blue and white or black and white; and there is a 'Rule the Dungeon' button which allows some element of choice as to what is displayed - a hex or grid, text, buildings, and so on.

It appears to be a properly-maintained public gardens, complete with a park-keeper who has a residence on site and works full time at keeping the place looking good. The park is quite popular with local lovers, with a nice shady pond for them to wander hand-in-hand beside, and there is a wall where the infamous Broadsheets - the Great City's answer to the daily newspaper - are posted. There's a small kiosk, and if you require more substatial refreshment there is a wine shop nearby. If it is your soul that needs refreshing, there is a temple to a nature deity - quite appropriate for the sort of nature-lover who goes to parks!

If you are using the Road to Revolution campaign, this is where it all begins. But even if you are not, any city worthy of the name ought to have a park for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

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Reviewed: 28 August 2009