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Epic Role Playing: Rules Manual

Epic Role Playing Rules Manual

This was originally distributed privately amongst playtesters and friends, but eventually did get as far as Amazon. It's been discontinued in favour of the Game Manual, but who knows when or if a copy might turn up!

Publisher's blurb: "Epic Role Playing is a next generation RPG that contains intense, choice-filled combat, six innovative branches of magic, and culture-based character development. After an introductory chapter, the Epic Role Playing Rules Manual guides players through a wide-ranging and unique character creation process, which births culturally driven, diverse heroes unconstrained by classes or inflexible tracks of progress. Character professions (detailed in the Atlas of Eslin) are culturally defined and growth within them is guided by role playing not a rigid set of rules. Following chapters include the faculty system, which offers opportunities to explore an inexhaustible array of skill options, specialties, masteries and grandmasteries. Instead of characters defined by an overall skill level, each skill level is independent and improves according to the character's talent for that skill. This is followed by a detailed catalogue of equipment. In its chapters for the gamemaster, or 'Guide,' practical tools and storytelling advice are discussed for creating heroic adventures that will have players swooning with terror and scrambling for glory. The final chapters are a treasury chock-full of high-quality and imbued items and rules for large-scale battle and warfare."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Chris Organ and Kent Davis
Publishers' Reference: Unknown
ISBN: 978-0976094609
Paperback, 140 pages
Date: 2005

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Product page last updated: 27 August 2009