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Epic Role Playing

Epic RPG

Epic Role Playing from Dark Matter Studios is flexible and realistic, yet with enough opportunities for death-defying heroism to satisfy the wildest imagination. The highlights of Epic Role Playing include a tactical and fast-paced combat system that integrates stealth and magic directly into the strategic options available to characters. It uses a streamlined and intuitive game structure with a 10-sided die mechanic.

Epic Role Playing uses a unique and expansive magic system replete with non-standard disciplines, such as the arcane science called metaphysics and the body magic known as shen, that integrate smoothly into the skill and tactical system.

Character design uses professions that are defined directly from the society of the campaign setting to provide unique characters that have a cultural context from day one. With the flexible skill system offering a diverse multitude of special abilities and directions for maturation, only you (not a rigid game system) will control your character's growth.

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Page last updated: 27 August 2009