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Spycraft 2.0

Spycraft is a contemporary espionage game produced by AEG. It uses the D20 game mechanic, with the notable addition of AEG's distinctive 'Action dice' system, and has a somewhat cinematic style, flavoured by elements of 'comic book' materials... but can, of course, be run as a much more realistic game if that is your preference.

AEG originally provided their own Shadowforce Archer world setting; and their Stargate SG-1 RPG is fully-compatible, so your secret agents may take the odd jaunt through the Stargate if you wish.

In August 2005, an OGL Spycraft 2.0 was launched, building on the experience of the original game and the development of the Stargate system. Following this success, the authors formed their own company, Crafty Games, and acquired the rights to the Spycraft product line.

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Spycraft 2.0

Setting Page last updated: 8 August 2009