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Call of Cthulhu: Proof of Life

Proof of Life

A small backwoods township near Arkham, bickering over leasing some land to a logging company... this might not seem fertile ground for a classic Call of Cthulhu adventure, and yet as your investigators root around the almost claustrophobic small town community there is horror to be had aplenty!

The situation opens with the town Supervisor having received threats over his position about the application from the logging company, which might tear up some prime woodland but would revitalise the flagging town economy. With the interests of the community at heart the Supervisor, Barnes (also pastor of the one church in town), initially supported the idea, but recently he's had a change of heart and is opposed on what appear to be ecological grounds. It's not clear quite why the characters should want to get involved, but once you get them there the township is jam-packed with well-detailed locals who all have plenty going on in their lives and plenty to say about it. The whole atmosphere of a small town, where everyone knows everybody else and has an opinion about them is created effectively.

It is a tightly-written and well-plotted adventure which astute investigators should be able to complete with at least some measure of success. The feeling that life will continue in this township, whatever the characters do, gives a convincing semblance of a glimpse into a real situation. A good adventure in the classic style.

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Reviewed: 23 August 2009