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Siege Engine

Siege Engine

Overwhelmed with the utter complexity and tangled rules and mountains of rule books necessary to play role-playing games the designers at Troll Lord Games embraced the philosophy of game design that had long dominated their game play. Simplicity and speed must dominate mechanics in order to make an RPG Fun. The first was Castles & Crusades and the Siege Engine is a natural off-shoot from that beginning. Here is a line of simple role playing games, boxed and formatted for ease of play and quick learning. Everything needed to play the game of your choice is found within each box. These games are the everyman's game. Simple and fun, using the Siege Engine or borrowing from it, they explore whole new vistas of role playing experiences, or bring you games you've played before, only easier and contained.

StarSiege Tainted Lands
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Page last updated: 21 August 2009