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Empty Rooms Cardstock Scenes: Dungeon Tiles - Base Set 2

Dungeon Tiles - Base Set 2

This is a set of assorted customisable tiles for use with miniatures, counters, or just to display your dungeon layout in a clear and graphic manner. It is suggested that once you have decided on what you want and printed them out, that foam board or other backing should be used - whether or not you feel that's necessary depends on how often you think a particular rendition of a given tile might be used in your game.

The tiles are an altar room, a big room corner, big room side, big room centre (with vertiginous spiral staircase going down), some catwalks (over immeasurable drops, of course!), a 'chess room' (checkerboard floor), a second 'chess room' where the alternate squares are holes, another big room centre with a lake and earth and even growing stuff, a lava room, a selection of passages replete with pits and other traps, a pit room, other assorted rooms, a rounded hall... masses of different places, which start spawning ideas for what might be going on when you just look at them. Or of course, you may already have your dungeon planned out but need some of these features to round it out nicely.

Everything is clear and crisp, generally appearing to be stone unless another substance is appropriate; but the real gem is in the use of the layer capability of Acrobat (the program you use to read the PDF). For each room, there is a list of effects you can add or remove until the room is just as you want it: added chests, skeletons, staircases, walls... and if that's not enough, there are several pages of such incidental items you can cut out and distribute around if the preset locations do not suit your needs. Another useful thing is the various rooms printed smaller, so you can cut them out to make a GM map for use as reference when setting up the display mid-game, or for the normal purpose of recording where you've decided the Bad Guys, treasures, etc., will be.

Both versatile and good-looking, anyone who is running a dungeon delve and wants a good-looking display should have a look at this.

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Reviewed: 17 August 2009