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Labyrinth Lord: Delving Deeper - Monk

Delving Deeper: Monk

Opening with a short piece of fiction describing an encounter between a human monk and three marauding goblins (who found that they had bitten off more than they could chew), this work presents full details for anyone wishing to play a monk - read martial arts expert - in Labyrinth Lord.

The monk is described as a mystic who seeks mastery over both mind and body. Belonging to an Order is essential, and whatever the monk is doing, he is always subject to their control... and any loot he gains through adventuring belongs to them (although most respect the individual monk's ability to dispose of it in an appropriate manner). The hierarchy of the Order is rigid, and to progress beyond 9th level the monk has to defeat one of the existing monks at the level he's seeking to attain. There is only one 15th-level monk in the Order, the Grand Master; and the attempt to challenge him for the position can be made but once, if the challenger fails he will forever remain at 14th level.

Moving on to monk skills and abilities, they do not wear armour and utilise very few simple weapons; relying in the main on their unarmed combat skills. Within Labyrith Lord, the monk is regarded as an unusual character class, and as such due consideration should be given as to whether or not to allow it at all. There are also suggestions for the sort of plots which will work well for monk characters - or be totally derailed by one! - and for monk NPCs. Having Orders of monks around can be useful, providing both allies and opposition for the party as a whole, while if you have a monk character his Order can be a handy way of involving the party in something... as well as providing fertile material for personal opposition or rivalry with NPC monks.

A comprehensive introduction to the monk character class, equipping both players and GMs with all they need to play one or include the concept in a campaign.

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Reviewed: 9 August 2009