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Quick Covers Vol.6: Stitched Flesh

Quick Covers Vol.6: Stitched Flesh

What you get is a zip file with eight high-resolution full-page images, and the full terms of the licence - which despite the usual poor quality of legal writing is reasonably clear and extremely generous: for your purchase you may use any image or part thereof in any publication (including PDF, print or website), commercial or not, provided you credit the source and have copyrighted your work. (In UK law the act of creation automatically copyrights it, but if you favour the belt and braces approach, add a quick © and date to make sure!).

The eight bits of artwork are basically the same - see the cover picture for this product - a top and bottom border of something vaguely flesh-like. The squeamish can be glad it's not too realistic! It comes in 'flesh' colour, green, black and an odd khaki-shade which from the filename is possibly intended as rotting flesh. For each, there is a plain and a blood-splattered version; depending on just how nauseous you want it.

While the product may be called 'Quick Covers' these images might be better as internal top and bottom page borders, perhaps a bit narrower (remember you don't have to use the whole image but may select a part if that suits your needs better). Whatever you decide, if you have a need of a slightly creepy edge or cover, this is worth consideration... I'll certainly haul it out if I fancy writing some necromancy material!

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Reviewed: 29 July 2009