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Alternate Realities Publications Product List

Alternate Realities Publications

Big Bang: The Mostly Illustrated RPG Guide to Modern Weapons

  • ATN00001: Mini Bang 1: Unpublished & Extra Material From 2003
  • ATN00002: Mini Bang 2: The Deadliest Weapon That Never Was
  • ATN00003: Mini Bang 3: Experimental Weapons
  • ATN00004: Mini Bang 4: CAWS & Other Automatic Shotguns
  • ATN01000: Big Bang Guide to Firearms Special Edition: War in Iraq
  • ATN01001: Big Bang: The Mostly Illustrated RPG Guide to Firearms Vol 1
  • ATN01002: Big Bang: The Mostly Illustrated RPG Guide to Firearms Vol.2
  • ATN01003: Big Bang Vol.3: US Army Future Combat Systems
  • ATN01004: Big Bang Vol.4: European Military Rifles, 1870-1900
  • ATN01005: Big Bang Vol.5: Grenades of the Cold War
  • ATN01006: Big Bang Vol.6: German Small Arms of WW2
  • ATN01007: Big Bang Vol.7: Covert Weapons
  • ATN01008: Big Bang Vol.8: Soviet Anti-Tank Guided Weapons
  • ATN01009: Big Bang Vol.9: Weapons in Albenistan
  • ATN01010: Big Bang Vol.10: Small Arms from Ricochet
  • ATN16004: Small Arms of Argentina

Big Bang Ricochet

  • ATN11001: Big Bang Ricochet 001: Argentina's VCTP IFV
  • ATN11002: Big Bang Ricochet 002: Argentina's VC TAM Medium Tank
  • ATN11003: Big Bang Ricochet 003: Russia's SA-9 Gaskin
  • ATN11004: Big Bang Ricochet 004: Germany's Wolf Light Infantry Vehicles
  • ATN11005: Big Bang Ricochet 005: The M1511 Interim FAV
  • ATN11006: Big Bang Ricochet 006: The Desert Patrol Vehicle
  • ATN11007: Big Bang Ricochet 007: The M1117 Guardian ASV
  • ATN11008: Big Bang Ricochet 008: France's AML-90 Armored Car
  • ATN11009: Big Bang Ricochet 009: The Hellfire Fast Attack Vehicle
  • ATN11010: Big Bang Ricochet 010: Chile's Multi 163 APC
  • ATN11011: Big Bang Ricochet 011: The Renault VBL
  • ATN11012: Big Bang Ricochet 012: France's Panhard VBL
  • ATN11013: Big Bang Ricochet 013: Argentina's VELA & VELA II
  • ATN11014: Big Bang Ricochet 014: Britain's AT105 Saxon APC
  • ATN11015: Big Bang Ricochet 015: Cadillac Gage Stingray Light Tank
  • ATN11016: Big Bang Ricochet 016: The Cardoen Alacrán
  • ATN11017: Big Bang Ricochet 017: Belgium's BDX APC
  • ATN11018: Big Bang Ricochet 018: The Vickers Valkyr
  • ATN11019: Big Bang Ricochet 019: Russia's FROG-7
  • ATN11020: Big Bang Ricochet 020: The Penetrator Gunship
  • ATN11021: Big Bang Ricochet 021: The YH-32A
  • ATN11022: Big Bang Ricochet 022: Sweden's Volvo L3314
  • ATN11023: Big Bang Ricochet 023: France's Troupes Aeról Portées
  • ATN11024: Big Bang Ricochet 024: AT-104 Internal Security Vehicle
  • ATN11025: Big Bang Ricochet 025: Russia's UAZ-3150
  • ATN11026: Big Bang Ricochet 026: Russia's BTR-60 APC
  • ATN11027: Big Bang Ricochet 027: Russia's BMPT TACV
  • ATN11028: Big Bang Ricochet 028: Russia's Ural IMZ-8.103 Gear Up
  • ATN11029: Big Bang Ricochet 029: Russia's Sprut-SD
  • ATN11030: Big Bang Ricochet 030: France's VLRD Jeep
  • ATN11031: Big Bang Ricochet 031: France's ARL-44 Tank
  • ATN11032: Big Bang Ricochet 032: Russia's BTR-70 APC
  • ATN11033: Big Bang Ricochet 033: USMC Shadow RST-V
  • ATN11034: Big Bang Ricochet 034: Brazil's Engesa EE-VAR
  • ATN11035: Big Bang Ricochet 035: Vickers Wasp RDV
  • ATN11036: Big Bang Ricochet 036: Engesa EE-T1 Osorio MBT
  • ATN11037: Big Bang Ricochet 037: Ferrari F333E Lizard
  • ATN11038: Big Bang Ricochet 038: FN 4RM/62F AB Armored Car
  • ATN11039: Big Bang Ricochet 039: Germany's HS-30 IFV
  • ATN11040: Big Bang Ricochet 040: The Caracal RDLV
  • ATN11042: Big Bang Ricochet 042: The HMMWV
  • ATN11044: Big Bang Ricochet 044: Austria's Haflinger Light Vehicle
  • ATN11045: Big Bang Ricochet 045: East Germany's SK-1 ISV
  • ATN11100: Big Bang Ricochet 100: Japan's Type 94 Tankette
  • ATN11101: Big Bang Ricochet 101: Argentina's DL 43 Nahuel Tank
  • ATN16001: Big Bang Ricochet: Special Ops Vehicles #1
  • ATN16003: Big Bang Ricochet: Workhorse #1: HMMWV

Lost Destinations/Shadows of Midnight

  • ATN03001: Lost Destinations: West Mitford 1e
  • ATN03002: Lost Destinations: Jackson House 1e
  • ATN03003: Lost Destinations: He Who Haunts the Barrens
  • ATN03007: Lost Destinations: Mary's Tower
  • ATN03008: Shadows of Midnight: West Milford 2e
  • ATN03009: Shadows of Midnight: Jackson House 2e

Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi

  • ATN02000: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: The Mystic Hero
  • ATN02007: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: The Psychic Hero
  • ATN02008: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: The Ritual Zealot
  • ATN02010: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: The Diabolic Cultist
  • ATN02023: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: Wackenhut Man in Black
  • ATN02026: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: Military Motorcyclist
  • ATN02029: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: The Action Hero
  • ATN02030: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: The Streetfighter
  • ATN02031: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: The Average Joe
  • ATN02032: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: The Gunfight Disciple
  • ATN02033: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: The Kowloon Gun God
  • ATN02035: Modern Kyuujinjouhoushi: The Junk Man

Company Product list last updated: 28 July 2009