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e-Future Tiles: Maintenance Tunnels

Maintenance Tunnels

Something to delight your Engineer characters (or drive them to despair as they have to go and fix yet another problem, and if you've got the tiles out there will probably be a brawl as well!) this product contains 25 tiles depictin the maintenance tunnels that any spaceship or space habitat seems to be riddled with.

Although they seem a bit roomy - I play a lot of Engineer characters, and I don't recall such palatial maintenance tunnels on anyone's ships - there is a fine variety of passage shapes, complete with various consoles, access plates and storage bins along the sides. There are suggestions for an overarching layout, but they seem quite versatile and it should not be too difficult to create a layout suitable for existing ship or habitat plans - people who play Engineers often have good spatial awareness and will call you on obvious discrepancies!

The tiles are printed crisply with good definition and a range of colours appropriate to their nature. Enjoy!

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Reviewed: 25 July 2009