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Hârn: Bears


This is a neat bestiary article, which begins with an overview of what bears are like, mentioning distinctive features such as their gait, hibernation, breeding, their territorial nature and the like. Their senses - excellent sense of smell but weak eyesight - are included along with notes on how they hunt and what they eat. For those with such intentions, there's a note on capturing and training them as well as hunting bears for their hides and bear-baiting.

We then move on to more detailed notes on the three types of bear covered, beginning with the black bear. There's a map showing its distribution in the wild across Hârn, complete statistics and plenty of detail on how they live and their relationships with man... and a nice picture of a bear eating a fish.

This is followed by similar detail on the more aggressive (but less widely distributed) brown bear and the snow bear, which is confined to the extreme north and differs from other bears in that it does not hibernate, and indeed only stays in a den or cave while giving birth and raising cubs. They are magnificient swimmers, very fierce, but their pelts command a high price.

A useful addition to one's knowledge of the wildlife of Hârn, particularly if your characters choose to venture into the lands these bears call home.

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Reviewed: 18 July 2009