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TSR Product - Other Games


Star Frontiers

  • TSR7007: Star Frontiers (Original Box Set)
  • TSR7007: Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn
  • TSR7011: Knight Hawks
  • TSR6801: Referee's Screen and Mini-Module
  • TSR7800: Character Record Sheets
  • TSR7801: Volturnus: Planet of Mystery
  • TSR7802: Starspawn of Volturnus
  • TSR7803: Sundown on Starmist
  • TSR7805: Dramune Run
  • TSR7808: Mutiny on the Eleanor Moraes
  • TSR7809: Mission to Alcazzar
  • TSR7810: Face of the Enemy
  • TSR7812: The War Machine
  • TSR7815: 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • TSR7816: 2010: Odyssey Two
  • TSR7817: Bugs in the System
  • TSR7818: Dark Side of the Moon
  • TSR7819: Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space

The Adventures of Indiana Jones


Alternity Core

  • Player's Handbook Fast Play Rules
  • Gamemaster Guide Fast Play Rules
  • TSR2899: The Future's Edge
  • TSR2800: Player's Handbook
  • TSR2801: Gamemaster Guide
  • TSR2808: Campaign Kit
  • TSR2811: Dataware
  • TSR11319: Starships
  • TSR11352: Tangents
  • TSR11384: Mindwalking: A Guide to Psionics
  • TSR11432: Beyond Science: A Guide to FX
  • TSR11514: Incident at Exile
  • TSR11510: Alternity Adventure Game
  • Warships


  • TSR2802: Star*Drive Campaign Setting
  • TSR2804: The Lighthouse
  • TSR2805: Alien Compendium: Creatures of the Verge
  • TSR2806: Black Starfall
  • TSR2807: Red Starrise
  • TSR2809: Star*Drive Arms & Equipment Guide
  • TSR2813: The Last Warhulk
  • TSR2815: Threats from Beyond
  • TSR11328: Planet of Darkness
  • TSR11339: Outbound: An Explorer's Handbook
  • TSR11371: Star Compendium: Systems of the Verge
  • TSR11364: Klick-Clack
  • TSR11617: Alien Compendium 2: Exploration of 2503
  • TSR11620: System Guide to Aegis
  • TSR11624: The Externals


  • TSR11433: Dark•Matter Campaign Setting
  • TSR11616: Dark•Matter Arms & Equipment Guide
  • TSR11648: Xenoforms: Aliens, Demons and Aberrations
  • TSR11615: The Killing Jar
  • TSR11625: The Final Church


  • TSR11618: Starcraft Adventure Game

Gamma World

  • TSR11629: Gamma World Campaign Setting

Top Secret

  • TSR7006: Top Secret
  • TSR6601: Administrator's Screen and Mini-Module
  • TSR7071: Top Secret Companion
  • TSR7600: Operation Sprechenhaltenstelle
  • TSR7601: Operation Rapidstrike!
  • TSR7602: Lady in Distress
  • TSR7603: Operation Fastpass
  • TSR7604: Operation Orient Express
  • TSR7605: Ace of Clubs
  • TSR7610: Operation Seventh Seal

Top Secret/SI

  • TSR7620: Top Secret/SI Box Set
  • TSR7628: High Stakes Gamble Box Set
  • TSR7623: G4 File: Guns, Gadgets and Getaway Gear
  • TSR7625: Agent 13 Source Book
  • TSR7626: Covert Operations Source Book
  • TSR7629: FREE Lancers
  • TSR7631: Commando
  • TSR7632: Covert Operations Source Book Vol.2
  • TSR7635: FREE America
  • TSR7638: The Web
  • TSR7640: The Final Weapon
  • TSR7634: Web of Deceit
  • TSR7636: The Sting of the Spider
  • TSR7637: Web Wars
  • TSR8230: The Final Bug
  • TSR7624: Operation Starfire
  • TSR7627: The Doomsday Drop
  • TSR7630: Orion Rising
  • TSR7633: Commando: Bushfire Wars

Amazing Engine

Company Product list last updated: 7 May 2018