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Animated Clip Art Volume 2

Animated Clip Art Volume 2

The second fine collection of art comic-book style (but completely original) from White Elephant Publishing consists of four wild animals - an ape, something that looks like a cougar but is labelled a 'cat,' a horse and a dinosaur - which the filename indicates is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In each case, the drawing is clean line art and, for the living creatures at least, anatomically correct. Dinosaur anatomy is still somewhat open to conjecture, although this one adheres to current theory and does at least have an impressive mouthful of teeth! The ape is clearly a gorilla, probably an alpha-male by his stance and expression. The cat (I still think he's a cougar) looks ready to pounce and the horse is racing along at speed. Well, it is an 'animated' clip art collection, and they are all splendid action poses.

For your money, you get a PDF showing you what you've got, individual .TIF files of each creature, an excellent PDF tutorial explaining the ins and outs of colouring the images, and a coupon to allow you to have one image professionally coloured. A nice collection, well-presented and - should these be the creatures you want - very useful!

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Reviewed: 21 June 2009