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Art`s Polyhedral Dice D8 Font

Art's Polyhedral Dice D8 Font

In the tradition of the best geek font-maker, we here have one which lets you insert D8s into your text - a choice of light ones with dark numbers or dark ones with light numbers, and of course able to display any number from one to eight on the uppermost face!

Presented as both the TTF (True Type Font, in case you wondered!) file you put in the font library of your word processing program and a PDF with the 'font map' so you can select which key to press once you've chosen your new font, it is simplicity to use. Plus, if you type the @ symbol, you'll get the Skullduggery Press logo!

Like the rest of this line, it's inspired - mad if you cannot see the point and really useful if you've always wanted to pepper your text with die images but got fed up inserting pictures. I wonder what the next maths text on probability and die-rolling will look like...

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Reviewed: 21 June 2009