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Babylon 5 RPG 2e: The Rim

The Rim

For the true explorers, for whom there is no final frontier...

Publisher's blurb: "The outer limits of the Galaxy has always been a mysterious place that travellers see as the end of everything, but true explorers and adventurous spacers know better. They know that there is no such thing as the End, no Void beyond the Void, and that there is something out there to be found. It is the role of explorers and wanderers to find these things and turn them from mystery to fact.

"This book looks at the process of exploring the Rim and the many uncharted planets and systems that make it such an attractive topic. Unmapped jump routes and new experimental colonies, explorer vessels and the discovery of new life are all just parts of what can be learned in this sourcebook."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Bryan Steele
Publishers' Reference: MGP3517
ISBN: 978-1-905850-02-0
Paperback, 96 pages
Date: February 2007

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Product page last updated: 7 June 2009