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Babylon 5 RPG 2e: IPX


Tomb-raiders to be thwarted, rivals to be outdone or your dream employer...

Publisher's blurb: "In many ways, the Babylon 5 universe is a science-fiction retelling of a fantasy epic. There are ancient prophecies, slumbering monsters, warriors with bright swords (or StarFuries), wise mentors, jealous kings, powerful wizards, angels and demons... and there are also crazed, greedy adventurers who delve into deadly, trap-filled dungeons in search of treasure and magic items. They are the employees of IPX - and they just hired you.

"This sourcebook details the history and inner workings of the IPX corporation, from its connections to EarthForce to the search for a cure to the Drakh plague. Characters can be employed by the corporation, or struggle against it, or just use the equipment and new character options presented in this book. There is a galaxy out there to be plundered.

"IPX - exploring the past to bring you the future."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Gareth Hanrahan and Ian Belcher
Publishers' Reference: MGP3516
ISBN: 978-1-905471-98-0
Hardback, 96 pages
Date: June 2007

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Product page last updated: 7 June 2009