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Columbia Games

HârnMaster, from Columbia Games, is a set of RPG rules that emphasize character background and combat realism. Includes rules for character gGeneration, skills, combat, treasure, and more in a modular looseleaf format with dozens of options to customize your game. HârnMaster is supported by many expansions including magic, religion, manors, pilots, and barbarians.

HârnWorld is an ideal setting for any fantasy roleplaying campaign, whether or not you use the HârnMaster ruleset. It contains a beautiful map of the Hârnic Isles, maps of trade routes, ocean currents, and star charts. Cultures, economics, history, politics, and religions are all detailed. HârnWorld is supported by an extensive series of kingdoms, cities, castles, manors, & more - it is a particularly rich and well-detailed setting, with a wealth of resouces built up since the initial publication back in 1983.

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Page last updated: 20 February 2016