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New World of Darkness: Midnight Roads

Midnight Roads

Collection of story ideas for any chronicle that hits the road, car repair rules and even stunt driving!

Publisher's blurb: "The roads are lovely, dark and deep... There are things in the world that no laws account for �� things that bestow blessings no man remembers or curses for slights long past. But the things, they do not forget. They wait for the right hand to fall upon them, the right eyes to see their glory, the right heart to recognize their power."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Russell Bailey, Stephen Michael DiPesa, Jess Hartley, and Chuck Wendig
Publishers' Reference: WW55205
ISBN: 978-158846-712-6
Hardback, 128 pages
Date: February 2008

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Product page last updated: 23 December 2015