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Duty & Honour Almanac # 1

Duty & Honour Almanac # 1

The first article is called 'The Enemy Within' and looks at the sort of people who may be your opposition in Personal - as opposed to Military - Missions. These might well be people you normally fight beside, but who are your rivals for promotion or a beautiful woman. Four are presented here: a bullying sergeant, an officer whose leadership takes many to their deaths, a female spy one of whose main tactics is seduction and a religious fanatic. As well as a full character write-up, there's plenty of detail on how to infiltrate them as recurrent characters in your game, at first minor irritants but revealing more of their nature until the characters themselves see the danger they pose and take measures against them.

The other piece in this issue concerns the use of newspaper reports. Although it was not until the Crimea War (1854-6) that true battlefield reporting developed, it was customary in Napoleonic times for the reports sent home by military (and naval) commanders to be published for public consumption. Online archives can provide both a fertile ground for ideas for your game and - especially if your game uses historical battles and events - a source of some excellent handouts and props. Naturally, the news is not confined to matters military so other events in your characters' lives - particularly the ones they might prefer to keep private - can also feature. For example, many young officers took a keen interest in politics with an eye to a future in Parliament, some being sons of the nobility with the expectation of a seat in the House of Lords one day, others looking to seek election to the Commons.

A good few excellent ideas for your Duty & Honour game crammed into a few pages. And it's free!

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Reviewed: 27 May 2009