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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Legacy of Fire Player’s Guide

Legacy of Fire Player's Guide

Designed for players (and their DMs) intending to use the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path, this book provides essential background information on the desert lands of Katapesh.

Instantly conveying a sense of the exotic, of mystery, it begins with thumbnail notes on the main character races and classes - what sort of things they do in Katapesh, why they might visit (trade!) and what others think in general of that race there. The dominant race is human, most of the others being seen but rarely. Next, several new character traits are presented for those who wish to be Katapeshi natives or at least to have spent considerable time in the area before play begins. Those wishing to be particularly attunded to the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path might wish to consider the campaign traits which are also on offer - they provide both reasons for your participation and advantages tailored to some of the challenges you'll face... and do it without giving the game away!

Character creation out of the way, next comes more detail on Katapesh itself. Katapesh is both a region and a city, the latter being a major centre of trade for the region and beyond. Geography, religion, entertainments and wildlife are all discussed - even the mysterious Pactmasters who arrived 1000 years ago and imposed order and free trade, which they maintain vigorously to this day. Places popular with locals and visitors alike are described as well.

While geography is varied, one major feature is desert - so the next section is devoted to descriptions of desert lands and rules for essentials such as survival therein. It's not just ensuring that you have adequate water and food, there are sandstorms, the heat and other desert dwellers to contend with too. Then come some exotic local weapons you might like to try out - poi are dramatic but surprisingly easy to master - and some local deities are also described, followed by magic items common and useful in these parts.

A new type of feat is introduced: the achievement feat. This needs cooperation between player and DM, as without the opportunity to achieve whatever it is you need to do to meet the requirements of the feat you'll not be able to take it. Finally, we meet a notable local, Lucky Farouk.

Overall, this is a useful and inspiring introduction to the campaign, and to the region. Enjoy!

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Reviewed: 16 May 2009