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Disposable Heroes Superhero Statix 1

Superhero Statix 1

For your money, you get a zipfile with a collection of PDF files. It's a bit confusing to start with, but once you start digging a bit all is made clear.

First there are 2 virtually identical files, the only difference being that one is in colour, the other black and white. Each starts with comprehensive assembly instructions for the 2 different types of free-standing miniature (tri-fold and A-frame), as well as information about the best printer settings and paper types to use. Then comes a list of all the superheroes included (Mystery Knight, Shadow Man, Fire Tosser, The Blaster, Eye Shock, Sonix, Electric Dude, Elastic Dude, Man of Rock, Power Woman, Power Man, Computer Powered, Mr. America, The Human Shield, Mechano Man, The Olympian, The Shrinker, The Speedster, The Archer, Magister, The Cloaked Detective, Alien Hero, Ms. Cyborg, Silver Steel, Rift Surfer, Beastformer, Mentiaxe, Hydro, Ice Dude, and The Avian). They are all fairly generic, so whether you need an established comic book hero or are using one of your own design you will probably find a close enough match to suffice for general combat moderation or skirmish purposes.

Then come the stand-ups themselves. The A-frame ones come with one colour (or line art in the black and white version) side, which indicates which way the character is facing. The other side is a silhouette. These can either be folded and glued using the integral blank tab to be freestanding, or you can purchase plastic bases and have them flat rather than A-shaped. The trifolds are much the same, with a silhouette face and two colour/line art ones from different angles, and they fold into a freestanding shape. There are also flat counters.

In separate files there are 'armies' - whole sheets of either standup or counter versions, 28 or so (depending on size) per page of the same character. This may not be so useful with superheroes, who tend to be individual, but it's a standard offering from this publisher in all their miniature sets so if you do happen to need a horde of superheroes, or perhaps costumed minions, they're here.

Overall, these are well-presented and clear figures to use as miniatures or counters when you get the battlemap out. Sizes are standard, so they can be mixed in with 25mm metal figures as needed or just scale appropriately to the floorplans obtainable for many settings. Nice, provided there are figure(s) to suit your requirements.

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Reviewed: 16 May 2009