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King of Comics Clip Art Collection 2

King of Comics Clip Art Collection # 2

This set of clip art presents three dramatic action scenes ready for you to enjoy and use according to the generous terms of the accompanying licence. There's also a tutorial on how to use and in particular colour clip-art, and a coupon entitling the purchaser to have one piece of clip-art coloured by the artist.

The first image shows just a face and a fist, the owner of which wishes to make a point extremely forcefully. The second depicts two faces in profile staring at one another, one somewhat leonine and the other human. The third is mid-fight, an action scene in a science-fiction setting with a sword-wielding female facing off against a half-seen figure (possibly in armour or a superhero costume) observed by a third costumed fellow somewhat nervously positioned behind a console. Of the three, the first is possibly the most striking and powerful - and if I ever need a dramatic poster laying down the law to my students I may consider using it!

Naturally, the usefulness of this product depends on your needs, but these are fine examples of comic-book style line art and if the subject matter fits what you want they'll be superb.

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Reviewed: 9 May 2009