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Kimagu`s Stock Art: Dragon Pack

Dragon Pack

What is there not to like about dragons? Particularly ones as beautiful as these...

What you get is six dragons in 12 jpg files, each done in sepia and in greyscale to suit your needs. The full majesty and power of dragons is captured well in these atmospheric drawings. One winged dragon with a long spiked tail stands majestically on a rock staring around, clearly lord of all he surveys. Another is perched rather awkwardly on a branch, claws clenched, muscles bunched, as he unleashes a gout of flame at an unseen adversary. One is caught in flight; a fine fellow with insect-like wings, he's hawking after a bird. Yet another wingless one slithers lizard-like along the ground...

These are both unusual and yet classic dragons. It's easy to imagine building a story about any one. Perhaps it's a painting the characters have found in a book or on the wall of a wizard's tower. Perhaps you'll use one as a glorious 'You see this' picture to hold up to your players. The possibilities are endless, and any one of these dragons will enhance your game.

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Reviewed: 2 May 2009