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Claw/Claw/Bite! # 6, 2nd Printing

Claw/Claw/Bite! #6, 2nd Printing

This issue specialises somewhat in matters magical, with spells and items in profusion. But first, the usual assortment of characters, beginning with a rather fine orc swordsman who could prove a challenging foe or an unusual ally. The other three are mages (2 wizards and a diviner), complete with doctored photos which look vaguely familiar... Both mages are high-powered older wizards with a fine record of achievement in spell researcj and item design, the sort of people to whom you might take a thorny magical problem or even approach for some advanced training, if you could persuade them to teach you. Usful NPCs for any campaign that has an organised and academic approach to magic.

The location, Onuago, is drawn from the publisher's adventure Horror of the Old Ones, but there is plenty of detail - and action - here even if you do not have or do not want to use the adventure in full. In fact, there's two locations if your characters want to help one of the locals launch his boat... although they may regret it!

There's a brief mention of a new race, the Wyndm-folk, which doesn't really supply enough information to make them more than a rumour, then we move on to magic items. A nasty axe with a habit of chopping off limbs, a spike which enlarges in response to ambient magical activity, a purse that aids you in haggling and other items of greater or lesser usefulness are listed. There's a single spell, an unsuccessful attempt by an aging wizard to prolong his life, which has some interesting applications, and a creature/template - the begotten of the old ones - which features in the encounter notes presented earlier.

Overall, the expected collection of useful snippets to drop into your own games. The encounter lacked a map, but probably doesn't need one. Enjoy!

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Reviewed: 17 April 2009