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Suzerain: Death of a Wizard

Suzerain Scrying 4: Death of a Wizard

Intended for use with beginning characters in a fantasy setting, this lush little product has several goodies ready to serve up. There's an encounter, evocatively described and ready for you to run; there's a monster and an artefact, and - for those who like a fine display - dungeon tiles to lay out on the table.

The encounter provides an eerie reminder of just how strange and scary magic use can be, and a challenging - certainly for novices! - combat. Once the opposition is out of the way, the characters are free to explore the potentials of what they have found... and there are suggestions for ways to use everything elsewhere within your game.

The rules portion is written clearly, and will be straightforward to incorporate - and includes a new feat for Wizard characters, who should be particularly interested in this encounter. There's both a full-colour map tile, and a card if you prefer the Deal-A-Dungeon approach.

Everything is presented beautifully and hangs together well. Even if Suzerain is not your main game, the ideas could - with a bit of rules-hacking - be incorporated into any other fantasy system to add that little touch of the exotic.

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Reviewed: 22 March 2009