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Karma Roleplaying System: Karma Quick Guide

Karma Quick Guide

This product provides a brief overview of the way in which the Karma Roleplaying System operates, but does not given sufficient material to actually create a character or do any of the things that most authors of quickstart rules provide, such as a sample encounter or even an introductory adventure.

Despite what is said on the product page, there is NO guide to converting existing Dungeons & Dragons 3e or other OGL/D20 characters to this system, nor is there a character sheet.

About the most use this is would be as a quick reference for players so that they can follow the game master's introduction to the system when first setting up the game using the full rules. Otherwise it's pretty much useless. You will find out more about the game system by reading reviews than you will here!

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Reviewed: 8 March 2008