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Karma Roleplaying System

Karma Roleplaying System

Karma from Bards and Sages Publishing presents a roleplaying system that puts the players in complete control of their game. No classes. No levels. Only one twenty-sided die need to play.

Create your own races. Research your own spells. Craft your own magical items. Develop new disciplines and powers. All using an easy point system that can be scaled to suit the type of game you want to play.

The Karma Core Rules Book provides everything you need to play. Players will find a wealth of information for character creation, as well as how to create spells, dozens of fully customizable spells, information on how to craft magic items, unique disciplines that allow players to further customize their characters for maximum potential, hundreds of weapons with unique qualities, and more.

Storytellers will find plenty of help for running their game. From advice on how to determine what kind of game to run, to example monsters for encounters, to a simplified wealth rating system that minimizes the need to tracking character wealth. Plus an optional Reputation Rating System that encourages players to ROLEplay, not just ROLLplay.

Karma offers a completely modular system that lets you keep complete control of your game.

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Page last updated: 8 March 2009