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Dungeon Location: The Hidden Terror

Dungeon Location: The Hidden Terror

It's a bit like a crime scene! A small temple where something horrible happened, judging by all the bloodstains and body parts. As it happened quite recently - well, the remains look fresh - who- or whatever was responsible may still be around.

Basically, what you get is a tile set for a small temple of some nine rooms (well, one is a garden). One page shows the layout, unless you mix in some tiles from another source you'll need to stick to this to get it all to work. There are actually ten tiles, because in one place there is a very faint mark on the floor which - if spotted - could lead the characters to find a secret chamber.

So far, pretty standard. The added value is some props which you can add to make the whole thing partially three-dimensional. There are stand-up doors (a choice of ordinary or blood-splattered), beds (again either messy or drenched in blood), an altar, another slab with a partly-dissected body on it and other artefacts which you can distribute around your layout.

It will be up to you to decide what happened here, and whether the adventurers will encounter the perpetrators... who may well be looking for further victims, or who may just object to being disturbed at their work.

Overall, it provides a good visual aid if an atrocity in a temple happens to be what you need to portray. It's so nicely done that I'm tempted to write an adventure just to make use of it!

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Reviewed: 22 February 2009