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Pie Shop: A Slice of Pie

A Slice of Pie

Ostensibly, this is an ordinary D20 prestige class, which could be taken by any character in any type of game. It's well-written (apart from some gratuitous potty mouth which the author probably felt he had to use because it's labelled 'adult') and conforms to standard D20/OGL design so you could use it for a character or perhaps an NPC.

Maybe better as an NPC, unless you really want to be a serial killer, which even in the alternate reality of an RPG is not a Good Thing. A real, amoral, doing what he does because in his twisted reality it's the right thing to do serial killer. This prestige class has got the twisted mindset right. Once taken, you cannot be anything else, cannot take another level in any other class. But you can justify every action, as it serves your higher moral purpose.

Serial killers are nasty. This prestige class reflects that very well. But if you want to introduce that sort of nastiness into your game, this will fit the bill admirably.

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Reviewed: 7 February 2009