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Dungeons & Dragons 4e: Paragon Talents

Paragon Talents

This work presents a selection of talents for Paragon-tier characters to choose from. Talents are skill-based powers that you can use like any other power, consuming action points as appropriate when they are called on, provided that you are training in the skill on which the talent is based.

The stated aim is to provide talents that are not necessarily combat-related, although several of them would come in handy in a brawl. Others are better suited to non-combat encounters, such as Insightful Bluff which enables you to gain a bonus to your Bluff check if you spend some time in conversation with your target and so gain a better understanding of what makes him tick. Or you may use Death Recall to interpret the sad remains of the victim of a trap to get an idea of how it works... and so disarm or avoid it yourself. I quite like Vivid Tales, a history talent that lets you recall a tale you heard in childhood which has a bearing on your current problem.

This is a neat collection which can be used to further develop and fine-tune a paragon-tier character. Well worth a look, especially as it's free!

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Reviewed: 18 January 2009