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All Flesh Must Be Eaten

All Flesh Must Be Eaten

This game, published in 1999 by Eden Studios, has had an enthusiastic following. Limited, perhaps, in its audience due to subject matter and scope, it has caught the attention of all gamers who enjoy such movies as The Night of the Living Dead - in it, the characters are pitted against hordes of zombies with one thing on what's left of their minds... LUNCH! Characters, of course, are top of the menu.

This game is not suitable for those who are squeamish or easily scared; and may prove of limited interest to the out-and-out ROLE player; but it's a good game for a bit of mindless violence - zombies being mindless anyway, and the characters not having to worry about the effects of their violence beyond the immediate need of stopping the zombies from eating them!

One of the really good bits is that the actual reason why the neighbourhood is suddenly crawling with zombies is not explained in the rules. Several suggestions are made, any of which could be developed into a coherent rationale... yet it's not necessary for those who just want a brief excursion into horror, the hordes will arrive regardless. GMs looking for a campaign may delve into the cause of the zombies, decide if it's a recent occurence or something that mankind has been struggling against for a long time, something well-known or a sudden plague that the characters need to investigate and stop, or even persuade the rest of the world that there actually is a problem... the possibilities are endless and the system background caters to the development of your own version of reality!

To support this way of looking at the game, the sourcebooks so far presented look at zombies in different eras and settings - the first being the 'Hong Kong Action Movie' genre, and the next pulp fiction. Later releases cover the Wild West (with cross-links to the Deadlands RPG) and wrestling.

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Setting Page last updated: 18 August 2008