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Labyrinth Lord: Larm


The intention of this product is stated clearly: to provide a settlement that not only can be used as a base for a party of adventurers, but to include opportunities for dungeon-exploration and role-playing as well.

Larm is the classic small village on the edge of nowhere, an outpost of civilisation subject to attack by the denizens of the wilderness. The history and daily life of the settlement is given in a concise manner, yet with sufficient detail for use whenever the characters visit, enabling a consistency of approach which enhances the alternate reality of your game. There are loads of rumours to add atmosphere or even spawn whole adventures if you have a mind... while every establishment and nigh-all of the 112 regular inhabitants have a brief listing, again aiding you in consistancy when characters return.

For those seeking more than one of the delightful snacks listed under the bakery, there are a couple of adventures to be had right here in Larm. To start with, the miller needs some help - there's SOMETHING in his store room, he thinks it may have eaten his apprentice... it may just be a vermin problem but beginning adventurers should enjoy playing exterminator (as well as making themselves quite popular in the village for dealing with it!). There is also an abandoned temple, and characters who venture within will soon discover why. Again a straightforward but atmospheric simple scenario for the beginning character.

If your characters would prefer to deal with unpleasant neighbours, there is also a well-detailed goblin camp which needs dealing with before they become too much of a problem. There are some nice clear maps of Larm and the 3 adventure locations and a collection of new items to round the book off.

This is a nicely-written piece which, while of general application, will be of particular use to novice players just beginning to explore the potentials of role-playing. For the more experienced gamer, it brings back memories of early exploits and has a certain charm which means it can still play a part in their adventures with low-level characters.

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Reviewed: 11 January 2009