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Brave Halfling Publishing Product List

Brave Halfling Publishing

Classic Labyrinth Accessories & Adventures

  • BHPAA: Larm
  • CLA1: Fortress of the Mountain King
  • CLA2: Dolm River
  • CLA4: The Ruins of Ramat

Delving Deeper

  • BHPValtor1: Valtor the Mighty
  • 1: Delving Deeper: Monk
  • DD-Paladin: Delving Deeper: Paladin
  • DD-Ranger: Delving Deeper: Ranger
  • DD-Bard: Delving Deeper: Bard
  • Delving Deeper: Gnome
  • Delving Deeper: Skill Systems

Castles & Crusades

  • The Secret of Roman Skerry

Kids, Castles and Caves

  • BHPKCC1: Kids, Castles and Caves

Original Edition Adventures

  • OEA1: The Ruins of Ramat
  • OD1: Obregon's Dishonor

Original Edition Options

  • The Halfling Adventurer
  • OEO2: Cavalier, Paladin & Squire

OSRIC Resources

  • B&E: Breaking and Entering: A Toolbox for Thieves
  • BHPFTOB1: The Forgotten Temple of Baalzebul
  • The People of the Pit

Company Product list last updated: 9 August 2009