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Hard Boiled: City Tiles 1

City Tiles 1

Herein are a selection of floorplan tiles that - if you use the suggested layout - give a city block of two houses and a store, with the surrounding streets. Roof tiles are also provided, so that you can reveal the interiors as appropriate - a neat touch. Naturally it is possible to arrange the tiles in different configurations to suit your needs.

The standard of artwork is high, and the 'layers' facility of Adobe Acrobat is used in a sophisticated manner to enable you to show or remove furniture and other items, change the apparent use of a room or even to make it appear derelict. The array of extra items presented on separate sheets means that you can add other artefacts if required.

If you like using miniatures (or cardstock figures), or just like to be able to show the players what their characters can see, this is an excellent visual aid. While both fantasy and to a lesser extent modern/future settings are well-served, it is good to see early 20th-century fixtures and fittings for the many games set in the first part of the last century.

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Reviewed: 4 January 2009