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Squirrel Attack!

Squirrel Attack!

In the time before history, Annut, the first squirrel was the friend of Man. Anmeow, the cat goddess, became jealous and chased Annut and his kin off to the Other World. There, they were befriended by Mother Nature and founded the kingdom of Nuttopia. In time, the Fairies taught them magic and the Squirrel Kin applied it to all things squirrel-like.

Nuttopia has grown and the tribes of squirrels are many. They now are dependant on the supply of nuts from the Shire. A horrible blight has struck shriveling their nuts. They must find a new supply and the only place they know of is the Mortal World. Thus, Operation: Get Mr. Jones' Nuts is born. And, in the game presented by HinterWelt Enterprises, you get to help!

Squirrel Attack! uses the Iridium Lite ruleset.

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System Page last updated: 3 January 2009