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HinterWelt Enterprises Product List

HinterWelt Enterprises

Iridium System

  • HWE0000: Iridium System Core Reference
  • HWE0001: Iridium Lite Core System Reference


  • HWE3000: Nebuleon Revised
  • HWE3010: Rehendi Prison: The Grave
  • HWE3100: Back in the Corps Again

Roma Imperious

  • HWE2500: Roma Imperious
  • HWE2505: Roma Imperious True20
  • HWE2570: Turris Lemurum: Tower of Ghosts

Shades of Earth

  • HWE2000: Shades of Earth
  • HWE2010: Austrian Holiday: A Day in the Country with Super Soldiers
  • HWE2100: House of Vega

Squirrel Attack!

  • HWE1500: Squirrel Attack! Operation: Get Mr Jones' Nuts
  • HWE1501: The Pie Incident, Operation: Snatch Some Pie
  • HWE1502: Shaolin Squirrels: Nuts of Fury
  • HWE1503: Squirrels Ahoy: Squirrels of the Spanish Main
  • HWE1504: Freedom Squirrels: Nuts to the 70s
  • HWE1505: Squirrels in Space: The Squirrel Cage

Supers Inc

  • HWE2300: Supers Inc

Tales of Gaea

  • HWE1000: Tales of Gaea 1.5
  • HWE1010: Circuses and Carnivals
  • HWE1011: The Kolba Chef
  • HWE1100: Another Man's Treasure

Company Product list last updated: 3 January 2009