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Traveller: 1248 Sourcebook 4 - The Freedom League

1248 Sourcebook 4: The Freedom League

The Freedom League Sourcebook presents the details the Freedom League, from its start as the Dawn League, through its transformation into the Reformation Coalition, before their final transformation in 1243. The Freedom League is now the dominant interstellar polity in the Old Expanses and Diaspora sectors, with outlying settlements stretching into the coreward edges of the adjoining Solomani Rim and Alpha Crucis sectors.

Publisher's blurb: "More than a hundred years since the Third Imperium's self destructive "Final War" ended, the Freedom League is the heir of the Star Vikings' violent smash and grab legacy - however, this gave way to more peaceful means of rebuilding after the darkness of Virus, and today the League stands as a beacon of self-determination and self-government.

"The story of the Freedom League involved not just those worlds the Hivers contacted in 1193, but other worlds with a similar vision. The United Worlds Alliance, the Sons of Craig, the Star Empire of Solee, the Trade Union of Voskl, and the Covenant of Sufren, and the Diasporan Starfarer's Mercantile Guild all had their dreams of how to rebuild civilization after the collapse. Some in 1248 remain allies, some that were once foes are now allies, and some former allies now stand against them.

"Freedom League presents maps and UWP information for two full sectors, and the coreward edges of two more of this region. Also contained within are the vessels that adapted to the ever changing needs of the Leagues as they charted their course into the New Era. Any style of play is available to the Freedom League. From the Wild fringes coreward and to trailing, to cold war threatening to turn hot between Voskl Trade Union and the Crowell Defense Pact, to the peaceful capital of Nicosia and Freedom City, to other smaller states on their borders, anything is possible."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Daniel Hammersley, Richard Perks and Grahame Muliss
Publishers' Reference: CSRT0041
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 362 pages
Date: 2008

Withdrawn from sale due to excessivly restrictive licencing, 2008

Product page last updated: 4 December 2008