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Traveller: Operation Dominoes 2 - The Minds of Isdur

Operation Dominoes 2: The Minds of Isdur

Once again, The New Era themes of the 'Small ship-Small crew' of hardy individuals are challenged to affect the outcome and lives of millions in this second part of this adventure series. Within the confines of one planetary system, the players' actions in this unfolding second of a series of "dominoes" fall, with a surprise ending leading to the next "Domino".

Publisher's blurb: "Operation Dominoes 2: Minds of Idsur follows the continuing Reformation Coalition efforts on the planet Tiniyd. The members of a RCES Moonshadow covert infiltration team are tasked with building the fragile and secret alliance between the Coalition and the Idsur Republic by means of a bootstrap operation.

"The RCES team will soon discover, battling natural hazards, outside interference, and uneducated locals to complete their mission that the Psionic nature of Tiniyd society poses far more difficulties to a successful bootstrap operation than any of these forces."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Daniel Hammersley and Richard Perks
Publishers' Reference: CSRT0031
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 44 pages
Date: 2007

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Product page last updated: 29 November 2008