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Traveller: Guilded Lilly 3 - Into the Darkness

Guilded Lilly 3: Into the Darkness

Into The Darkness is the Third Part of the Virus Redux Epic Adventure and continues the Guilded Lilly / Belly of the Beast campaign. This adventure is designed for a group of 4 to 8 travellers, and provides details for both the Classic Traveller and Traveller, The New Era rulesets. A summary of the Guilded Lilly / Belly of the Beast adventures is presented in the 'Players Introduction' to allow use of this adventure, even if Parts 1 & 2 has not been played. This product is compatible with the New Era Timeline and the future history of the Traveller Universe as detailed in the New Era 1248 Traveller Sourcebook Bearers of the Flame.

Publisher's blurb: "Another set of mysteries resolved and another pair opened, Captain William 'Kastle' Costello thought, hunched over the main holo-display in the Riggins-Victrix's congested bridge, listening to the RCES Moonshadow team members debrief. The Ebekhar system was now confirmed as not the home of the Vampire Shipyard they sought since leaving Berens, but its Viral minion named 'Lillian' was 'dead,' and the survivors on the main world's moon of Hope were at last free from Its oppression.

"So where was the real Viral mastermind behind this? The discovery of the log entries left by the dead Coalition Cutter pilot, Ed 'Flammer' Harris, once a crewman of the lost ship RCS Mississinewa, revealed that it too had passed this way over a year ago in search of the missing Dawn League Traders only deepened the mystery.

"'So from 'Flammers' log entries, we know that the RCES Mississinewa made an emergency jump to escape the Vampire forces in the Ebekhar system,' Kastle summarized to the assembled Moonshadow team and his XO. 'Obviously they never made it back to the Coalition. The Mississinewa's sensor logs may be the only lead with have to the virus shipyard that built the vampire you discovered on Berens'

"'Kastle' looked back at the Holo display of the Ebekhar system, expanded it outward. There were five systems she could have jumped out to from Ebekhar. Looking soberly at the RCES Team, 'Kastle' spoke again. 'So where do you want us to start looking?'"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Matt Ashley, Richard Perks and David Hammersley
Publishers' Reference: CSRT0040
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 117 pages
Date: Unknown

Withdrawn from sale due to excessivly restrictive licencing, 2008

Product page last updated: 29 November 2008