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Traveller: Early Fallen

Early Fallen

Early Fallen is an adventure for Traveller set in 1202. Early Fallen is the first adventure in the 'Road to Sufren' series. It is a rules-independent publication, set in the official Collapse-Recovery-New Era timeline and continues the story of the Reformation Coalition into late 1202. Adaptation to other milieus should present few problems.

Publisher's blurb: "After the collapse of the Third Imperium, the Recovery was hard and often bloody. Sometimes there were no right answers, only hard necessity and desperate choices between a bad set of options. The Reformation Coalition is dragging itself out of the wreckage of the old Imperium with little more than guts and daring. But times are hard. Internal divisions, an impending war and the constant drain in lives and resources threaten to douse the flickering lights of civilization.

"In 1202, hope takes the form of distant allies in the Covenant of Sufren. The Reformation Coalition must drive a route through the howling wilderness to its new allies before hope fades. One link on that route is the backwater world of Amoy, ruled by a harsh and brutal dictator. A Star Viking covert reconnaissance team, responding to a distress call, stumbles into the midst of history-changing events. For on Amoy hope burns bright that some day heroes will come from the stars; liberators who will tear down the oppressive regime and free the people of an entire world.

"On Amoy, the travellers discover the legend of a lost Star Viking, a bitter and cynical man who nevertheless fought alone to turn back the tides of darkness. In so doing, he brought hope to the people of Amoy. That hope is now fulfilled in the form of an underequipped and unprepared Star Viking team. The Coalition needs Amoy and the people of Amoy are ready to fight for their freedom. Victory or defeat lies in the hands of the travellers. Will they rise to the challenge, or will the bright hope of an entire world be extinguished?"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: Martin J. Dougherty
Publishers' Reference: CSRT0011
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 27 pages
Date: 2005

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Product page last updated: 29 November 2008