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ComStar Games Product

ComStar Games

Action! System

  • CSR4900: Combat! A Military Action Game
  • CSR4100: Magic Quest
  • CSR4801: Kevin and Kell the Role-Playing Game

D20 Resources

  • CSR1200: Encyclopaedia Eldoria
  • CSR1180: Fantasy Ships of the High Seas
  • Dragons of Legend
  • Instant GM 2: On Your Mark, Get Set, GM
  • Instant GM: A Bag of Tricks
  • Science Fiction Beauties Handbook
  • Science Fiction Spaceships
  • Detectives: Investigation Sourcebook for D20 Modern


  • CSR0401: Mecha Aces
  • DG4001: FT 1: Aptitudes, Specialties, Culture & Background
  • DG4002: FT 2: Guns of Fudge
  • CSR0102: Fudge Treats: Shoujo Anime
  • Fudge Horror: Vampires
  • Fudge By The Numbers
  • Dragons of Legend Fudge Edition

Generic Games

  • CSR0001: Saloon Fights
  • Wizards and Gunslingers

Paper Miniatures

  • CSR0601: Superhero Minis
  • CSR0602: Anime Girls Vol.1
  • CSR0801: Anime Girls Vol.2


The New Era

Spinward Marches

Special Supplements

Golden Age


Traveller Hero System

  • CSRTH004: Traveller Hero Book 1: Adventurers in Charted Space
  • CSRTH005: Traveller Hero Book 2: Adventure in Charted Space
  • CSRT0003: Golden Age Starships 1: Fast Courier
  • CSRT0004: Golden Age Starships 2: Sword Worlds Patrol Cruiser
  • CSRTHG03: Golden Age Starships 3: Archaic Small Craft, Launches and Gigs
  • CSRTHG04: Golden Age Starships 4: Ship's Boats and Pinnaces
  • CSRTHG05: Golden Age Starships 5: Cutters and Shuttles
  • CSRTHG06: Golden Age Starships 6: Corsair
  • CSRTHG07: Golden Age Starships 7: LSP Modular Starship
  • CSRTHG08: Golden Age Starships 8: Armed Free Trader

Company Product list last updated: 4 December 2008