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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: A Pound of Flesh

A Pound of Flesh

Designed to get a campaign in The Great City off to a flying start, this adventure embroils the characters in an investigation of the disappearance of a drunk pearl merchant that leads them to places they'd probably rather not go and people they'd rather not meet, with a spot of arson, evil cultists and revolutionary plots for good measure!

From the very beginning, there is a lot going on and the characters have cause to explore a lot of the city - in particular, the seamy side of the docks - and interact with many different people. It's not all talk, of course, and there is ample opportunity for combat as well, while the finale involves the need to defeat the enemy against the backdrop of a very high-society party - preferably discreetly! The adventure is probably not suited to players whose main interests lie in fighting and acquiring loot - but if a rich tapestry of varied characters all leading their own lives within the setting appeals, you have picked up the right adventure.

Overall, it is an outstanding adventure with a depth that - despite what might seem a simple plotline - should keep your players well-entertained and their characters challenged and intrigued. Thoroughly recommended both as an adventure in its own right and as a way to introduce characters to The Great City.

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Reviewed: 28 October 2008