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Battlestar Galactica RPG: Quickstart Guide

Battlestar Galactica Quickstart Guide

Good idea to let you get the feel of the game before buying the full core rules... better if released as a free PDF.

Publisher's blurb: "Forty years ago the Cylons withdrew into the cold blackness of space. When the robots returned to attack their makers, the war was over in less than a day. Unlike the clunky 'toasters' of old, these Cylons are sleek and deadly Centurions, graceful and terrible Raiders, and even some that look and feel completely human. Now the Cylons pursue a rag-tag fleet of ships carrying the human survivors across the galaxy. Standing between the humans and their deadly foe is only one military vessel - the war-scarred Battlestar Galactica.

"The Quickstart Guide contains a preview of the full Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game, with easy-to-learn rules, pre-made characters, and a short scenario that will allow the players to participate in the fall of Caprica, viewing it from a completely new perspective. Enjoy the game as a one-time experience or use it to launch a new series of adventures!"

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Jamie Chambers, James Davenport, and Nathan Rockwood
Publishers' Reference: MWP1006
ISBN: 978-1-931567-54-1
Paperback, 32 pages
Date: August 2007

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Product page last updated: 27 October 2008