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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Gnoll Enclave

Gnoll Enclave

In this mapset, a gnoll enclave situated deep in the desert atop some mountains is depicted. You might think this a bit specialised - but perhaps they have been raiding caravans, or your characters might encounter them when travelling in the desert for completely unrelated reasons or... Well, it's up to you; but this mapset cries out for a visit!

There are four maps in the set: gnoll dwellings, a temple, slave pens and a palace. Time or hard work has levelled the top of each mountain, and they are linked by walkways which look flimsy enough for some good cinematic moments during a running combat. The ordinary gnolls have simple huts of differing sizes, with a central well and a few other constructs to fill out their area. The temple - to a hyena god, it's suggested - occupies a hill-top of its own with an imposing circular worship space and ancillary buildings for the priest's residence and what looks like an ossuary. The slave pits look inhospitable, but gnolls have a reputation for not looking after their slaves well. Finally, the Packmaster's Palace includes an audience chamber and private quarters for the packmaster in the main building, including a bathing pool (do gnolls bathe?); while there's a second building for servants, advisors or perhaps his harem - the notes suggest elite guards, actually.

Technically, each map is presented in both full colour and greyscale, and while 0one's famous 'Rule the Dungeon' controls are available, gnoll residences are rather primitive for these to be effective. You can choose whether or not to see their basic furniture, doors, a fancy border to each sheet, where north is, and so on.

Overall, it's a neat and unusual settlement and just looking at it begins to spawn ideas of how it might be worked in to future adventures.

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Reviewed: 12 October 2008