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Thanksgivaway 2007

The DriveThruRPG 'Thanksgiveaway' Promotion in November 2007 - thanks to all who participated!

  • TimeMaster: TimeMaster Screen + Missing PT-109 Adventure: 54°40' Orphyte
  • E-Z Tiles: Dungeon Set 1: Fat Dragon Games
  • Spiritual Warfare the RPG: Golgotha Games
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics # 51.5: Sinister Secret of Whiterock: Goodman Games
  • D6 Powers: Khepera Publishing
  • Moebius Adventures Core Rules: Moebius Adventures
  • See Page XX: The First 24 Columns: Pelgrane Press
  • The Collected Character: Sceaptune Games
  • Ados Land of Strife Campaign Setting: Tangent Games
  • Unorthodox Clerics: The Le Games
  • Forbidden Kingdoms Master Codex Babbage Edition: OtherWorld Creations
  • Thrilling Tales Omnibus Edition: Adamant Entertainment
  • Hot Dudes 1: Dakkar Unlimited
  • War of the Burning Sky # 1: The Scouring of Gate Pass: EN Publishing
  • Twilight 2000: Game Designers' Workshop
  • The Kandris Seal: Hart-Felt Productions
  • Rolemaster Express: Iron Crown Enterprises
  • Future Armada: Venture: Ki Ryn Studios
  • The Last Tomb: LichHaven Games
  • Simply Prestige Vol.1: Mad Scotsman Games
  • Ptolus: The World of Praemal: Malhavoc Press
  • RuneQuest: Mongoose
  • Elemental Dimension of Magic: Red Anvil Productions
  • Bits of Darkness: Dungeons: Tabletop Adventures LLC
  • Neo Fighters: The Fire Knight: The Le Games
  • Claw/Claw/Bite! Issue 9: Unicorn Rampant Publishing
  • Affiliates Player's Guide: Anglo-Canadian Games
  • Propz: Minute Dungeon: Arid Hills Productions
  • Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot: The Roleplaying Game: Atomic Sock Monkey Press
  • Dead Men (And Women) Walking: Bards and Sages
  • Tales From The Wood: Beyond Belief Games
  • The Town of Umberham: Cartography Unlimited for RPGs
  • The Lazy GM: Troglodytes: Creative Conclave
  • Future Nexus Core Book: Deist Games
  • Heavy Gear Blitz! Rulebook: Dream Pod 9
  • Untapped Classes: Complete Marksman: Dreamscarred Press
  • E-Z Dungeons: Item Pack 1: Fat Dragon Games
  • Broadsides!: Living Imagination
  • Tome of Horrors Revised: Necromancer
  • The Veggie Patch: Polgarus Games
  • Unorthodox Fighters: The Le Games
  • Complete Spell Cards Updated: The Other Game Company
  • The Chimera RPG Core Rules: The Welsh Piper LLC
  • Behind the Spells: Vampiric Touch: Tricky Owlbear Publishing
  • Heroic Visions: Zephaniah Comics
  • Depths of Ruin: Dungeon Dwellers' Guild Games
  • Gunslingers and Gamblers: Fat Jonny Games
  • FSpace RPG Reference Manual 2.1: FSpace Publications
  • Xcrawl Core Rulebook: Goodman Games
  • Fading Suns Player's Companion: Holistic Design
  • GODSEND Agenda Superlink Conversion: Khepera Publishing
  • Conan The Roleplaying Game (Pocket Version): Mongoose
  • Another 13 Shades of Darkness: Plain Brown Wrapper Games
  • Dice and Glory RPG Core Rulebook: Ranger Games
  • Open Core Quick: Seraphim Guard
  • 17 Monk Feats: The Le Games
  • The Storyteller Adventure System Guide: White Wolf
  • The Resurrectionists: White Wolf
  • Honor and Corruption: Alea Publishing Group
  • Neiyar: Land of Heaven and the Abyss: Bards and Sages
  • Stuff to Beat Up 1: Tech Terrors: Dakkar Unlimited
  • New Gods of Mankind New Gods Handbook: Dark Skull Studios
  • City Supplement 1: Dweredell: Dream Machine Productions
  • The Echoes of Heaven/The Throne of God (OGL version): Final Redoubt Press
  • Quirin Adventure # 5: The Secrets of Maevis: GMC
  • The Fantasy Sagas: Player's Guidebook: Ironwood Omnimedia
  • HeroQuest: Hero's Book: Issaries
  • Mundi Animalia: Red Anvil Productions
  • StrikeForce: 2136 Tech Manual: RolePlayersINK
  • e-Adventure Tiles: Introductory Set: Skeleton Key Games
  • Gamescapes: Storymaps Pirate Set 2: Talisman Studios
  • 17 Magic Weapons: The Le Games
  • Super Console: Valent Games
  • Book of Challengers: Dungeon Rooms, Puzzles and Traps: Wizards of the Coast

Page last updated: 20 September 2008